Melbourne Fringe Festival Presents 'Nilay'

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Pumailanlang, dumaloy.

Melbourne Fringe Festival presents NILAY, a screendance that explores interiority as a source of movement expression, and a locus of experience. It investigates how dance can be a space of presence and awareness, a healing balm in the age of relentless clutter.

Helen Herberston, Australian lifetime achievement awardee in dance, cites "the delicacy and spaciousness of this film."

"Nilay" is the root of "pagninilay," a Filipino word which means 'to meditate.' As meditative movement in film, Nilay is an exploration of interiority in Philippine, Japanese and contemporary dance, drawing from baybayin writing, traditional nihonbuyo dance, entwined with filmic techniques, song and poetry. It is about the silent shifts felt internally but not always seen, allowing us to explore the subtlety of the inner life reflected outwardly in a dance of empathy, porosity and relationality.

The feminine body and the interior, subtle self are also shown as tropes of the numinous in the self and in the world.

Filmed by the Yarra River in Melbourne, with shots from the Philippines, and a four-centuries-old the Japanese noh theater in Kyoto, the film takes us to the subtle landscapes of cultures and places we inhabit, which in turn, inhabit and shape us.

Created and performed by Rina Angela Corpus as part of her practice-led research on interiority and meditative movement. Original music by Solaiman Jamisolamin, videography by Takeshi Kondo, vocals by Yeyette San Luis, poetry by Rina Corpus, editing by Angela Valdez, and additional footage by Antonne Santiago,

Screened at Melbourne Fringe Festival on Nov. 24-29, 4pm Australia/ 1pm Asia.

Please book through: melbournefringe

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